Teeth in One Day

Lifetime Warranty

We offer our patients a comprehensive service in one visit: we replace teeth with implants and immediately make new crowns


We allow the patient to have teeth immediately after the surgery

During one visit, we remove one, several or all teeth of the upper and lower jaw that cannot be saved, with the simultaneous installation of implants in the planned positions in place of the removed teeth and fixation of temporary crowns on implants without incisions and sutures

The main advantage

The patient is never left without teeth and immediately returns to a comfortable life


the patient has no edema due to the lack of incisions in the implantation site


the temporary crown on the implant exactly matches the shape and color of the adjacent teeth


shorter duration of treatment, the minimum number of visits to the dentist

Before the operation we perform:

  • Сone-beam computerized tomography Сone-beam computerized tomography of the upper and lower jaw
  • Scaning digital scaning of teeth
  • Fitting fitting the future shape of the teeth
  • Simulationcomputer simulation of surgery and individual surgical templates manufacture

Preparation for surgery lasts 7-14 days

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Straumann implants

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The sequence of the surgery

  • Medicamentous sleep and local anesthesia
  • Installation of implants
  • Temporary crowns work

Examples of our work

We give a new smile








The experience of dental implantation is 20 years

Surgeries are performed by a team of experienced specialists: dental surgeons, anesthesiologists and assistants.


Head Physician of the Clinic, High Level Certificate Dental Surgeon

Karpilovska Svitlana

Dental Anesthesiologist

Postoperative supervision of the patient

Individual recommendations

After the surgery, each patient is given individual recommendations and a schedule of postoperative visits

Doctors’ support

After the surgery, the patient is in direct contact with the doctor 24/7

Warranty on implants and implantation

All Straumann implants come with an international lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The implant installation service of the Clinic has a seven-year warranty


90 minutes

Tooth in one day

Price of
services – from 50 thousand UAH.

The service includes:

  • review and planning of the operation
  • removal of a damaged tooth
  • installation of a Straumann implant
  • fixation of the temporary crown
  • postoperative observation

The cost of the service does not include sedation – UAH 6500

Number of visits: 3

  • review and consultation
  • operation (60-90 minutes)
  • postoperative examination in 7-10 days

From 50 to 60 thousand UAH.

Staging a permanent crown in two months

  • metal ceramics on screw fixing,
  • zirconium crown on screw fixing,
  • Emax crown on an individual zirconium abutment


4-5 hours

Teeth in one day

Price of
services – from 130 thousand UAH.

The price is formed depending on the implants used and their quantity.
Currently, the clinic uses the following types of dental implants:

  • Total rehabilitation of the jaw on 4 implants Straumann (Switzerland) with temporary prosthetics – 310 thousand UAH.
  • Total rehabilitation of the jaw on 4 implants Neodent, Straumann Group (Brazil) with temporary prosthetics – 130 thousand UAH.
  • Total rehabilitation of the jaw on 6 implants Neodent, Straumann Group (Brazil) with temporary prosthetics – 170 thousand UAH.

The service includes:

  • examination, diagnosis (KT) and operation planning
  • removal of damaged teeth
  • installation of  implants (4 or 6 pcs.)
  • fixation of temporary crowns (8-10 pcs.)
  • postoperative observation (including suture removal)

The cost of the service does not include sedation (10-15 thousand UAH)

Number of visits: 3-4

  • before the operation – one or two visits
  • operation (4-5 hours)
  • postoperative examination in 7-10 days

From 130 thousand UAH

Our achievements

Our clinic has achieved the highest quality implant services due to:

Patient safety

sterilization of dental instruments is at the highest level

Experienced doctors

the team of doctors is highly qualified and has many years of experience in dental implants

Modern equipment

Straumann implant system, the latest SIRONA equipment such as AXEOS cone-beam computed tomography device and Primescan AC intraoral scanners, Leica microscope, Melag sterilization equipment, etc.

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Patient feedback


When I stumbled upon this service – “Teeth in one day”, I did not believe it too much. But then I became interested, and here I am with new teeth. Everything went like in a dream – it’s really cool! Such a dental equipment I have not met anywhere !!! But skill is the most important thing. Thank you doctors, you deserve the highest praise!

Ivan Mukolayovych

I always dreamed of coming to the clinic and installing implants and teeth in one day. At Zakharenko’s clinic, everything was done as promised – quickly, reliably, without pain. Four implants and teeth were placed in almost one visit. Satisfied – that’s not enough to say. Thanks to the doctors, they are a really cool team!


My name is Maria. I would like to express my gratitude to the master of his craft – Yevhen Zakharenko. Recently did implantation of the upper row of teeth. This is just a masterpiece of dental art !!! My smile has become attractive, and at work I am no longer afraid to smile for all 100! I highly recommend this clinic and this European service to everyone.


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